Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gone Missing

I  did not mean to go missing for over 3 months.  Yikes!!!  Life was so busy at the end of the school year.  I was doing good to keep my head above water.  Then summer was here and I lacked motivation to post.  Now school is already back in.  I really can't believe 3 months has passed.  

Let me catch you up on the last 3 months.

At the end of the school year Harper was in the school's performance of Annie. She played a Star-To-Be which was the perfect part for her.  She put in lots of hours of practice, which definitely paid off. We were so proud of her.


Miller was one of two players on his baseball team picked to be on the All-Star team.  Miller played great.  He even hit an over the fence home run, which made his year.  


He decided to try out for the summer travel team.  He made it, so we spent the summer watching baseball.


Although it was tiring, it was a great way to spend the summer.


Harper went to Girl Scout camp for the first time.  She spent two nights away from home. She would have stayed the whole week if I would have let her.  Miller was fine to be home with us.


We celebrated birthdays.  Miller turned 7.


Harper turned 9.  We celebrated by having a girls night out.  We got pedicures and ate at her favorite restaurant.  It was nice to have some girl time.

Birthday pedicures

Mitch and I escaped to Asheville for a couple of days without children.  We ate, drank, and did a little hiking.  But mostly we ate and drank.  It was a nice break after the busy end of the school year and birthday extravaganzas.

Craggy Pinnancle Blue Ridge Mountains

Once we had a free weekend, Mitch and I tackled a little bedroom remodel.  We took down the wood on the ceiling, painted the ceiling and walls, and replaced the curtains with shades.  I still have some finishing touches then I will post some after photos. 


Finally it was time for vacation.  We stopped in Atlanta to go to a Braves game on the way to the beach.

Go Braves!!!

We decided to go to Orange Beach this year.  Check out our view.  It was perfect.


We made it back home just in time to start school.  This was their first full week of school.  

First day of school-take 1

The photo above sums things up really well right now.  Miller being mischievous and Harper yelling at him.

Good enough.

It looks like they are ready to take on this school year.  So how was your summer?


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