Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This Makes Me Happy

Isn't it great how just the smallest things can really brighten your day?  A couple of weeks ago I actually pulled out the sewing machine and made these pillows.


I found the flower print at Joann's and already had the chevron and yellow prints.  I really feel like the pillows really tie everything together.  The splash of color is still making me happy two weeks later.


Now I just need to put up some artwork, which is the story of my life right now.  

We have been working on Harper's room the last few weekends.  Her grandfather built her a loft bed. So we painted her room and the loft bed. Once we have it all put back together I will take some photos.  She is very excited about her new room.  


amy mayen said...

Those pillows make me happy too! So fun!

carrie said...

Oh...before I even read your post, when I just saw the photos they made me happy! YEAH!

Can't wait to see Harper's room. The girls now want a loft bed...why just the bunks are good enough, I don't know.

Busra Erg├╝t Sezer said...

It is pretty. I like this so much


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