Tuesday, February 26, 2013

American Girl Doll Dress

I actually have something crafty to show today.  I made a birthday present for one of Harper's friends a couple of weeks ago.  She requested a dress made with lace.


I thought it was sweet that her friend wanted me to make her doll a dress.  The best part of it though was I did not spend a dime making it.  I used material I had on hand.  Gotta love that.


I used Simplicity 4786 as a starting point.


The back is velcro so it should be easy to get on and off.  I didn't get to see her open it, but Harper said she liked it.  


Leigh and Kathleen said...

How exciting - an equestrian American Girl in 2013! She's sure to be very popular, and we can't wait to sew this dress for her!

We are designing our own equestrian fabric for our American Girl Doll Beds, check it out at

amy mayen said...

What a very sweet dress! I'm making my first pair of liberty Jane jeans today- it'll be on my site later this week. I just love doll clothes. (Www, in case you're interested) :) what a great way to be involved with her friends too. Good work!

carrie said...

Perfection. My girls would adore a little dress like this for their AG dolls!

jelly andrews said...

The dress really looks great. It is so fashionable and it fits perfectly on Simplicity. Did you also make one for her?

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