Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crow Pose

We have been taking full advantage of our wide open space in the playroom.  I have been trying to master the crow pose in yoga.  So of course the kids had to give it a go.

Harper's crow pose looks pretty good.  She is so strong.
Miller and I still have some work to do.
Anyone have any pointers?


Mrs. H said...

I love crow!! My last crow-into-headstand was a few weeks before my son was born. My midwife wasn't too keen on me doing very many headstands at that point;) I tried to do one yesterday morning (my boy is three months old now) and realized how appallingly weak my abdominals really are after all this time off!!

I am sure there are so many great pointers for crow but (as a non-teacher!) the best advice I ever had was to keep practicing it every day, especially under the guidance of a good teacher that can make sure we are in good form - one day your feet just go up there and you realize with some shock you are in your headstand!

I love seeing your kids doing crow!! They are darling.

carrie said...

We just did this in yoga this morning! My yoga instructor always says the key is to get your knees as far up toward your armpit as possible. (Easier said than done!)

Harper is a natural!

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