Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Day In The Life- Tuesday- Part 2

Well, here's the rest of my Tuesday.   I am not going to detail every bit of my work day because that would just be to hard to document.  I will just include the important stuff like what I ate.

9:30 am- I decide to have a second cup of green tea. 

10:05 am- I drink my green smoothie.  It was extra good today.  It must have been all those sttrawberries.

11:30 am- Lunch.  We order out on Tuesdays.  Today we chose Panera.  I had a cup of vegetarian black bean soup and half a greek salad. 

2:20 pm- I eat an apple for a snack. 

2:50 pm- I am still hungry so I snack on some wasabi rice crackers.

3:00 pm- I leave work.

3:13 pm- I get home, check the mail, and change clothes.

3:30 pm- I make the kids a snack- a cut up pear and graham cracker with nutella.  I make myself one too.  Then I decide I need another one.

3:40 pm- The kids are home.  They run to see what I made them for a snack.  They eat their snack while watching a little TV.  I let them eat their snack and chill out for awhile, so I can sneak in a workout.

3:45 pm- I look through the kids folders.  Sign Miller's behavior chart.  He got a smiley face today. Sign Harper's planner and Tuesday packet.  I check to make sure that Harper doesn't have any homework.


3:50 pm- I grab some water and get ready to workout.  I am doing Jillian Michael's Body Revolution workout # 8.

3:55 pm- I start working out.

4:30 pm- I am finished working out.  I rest for a minute then get started throwing together something for dinner.  Miller has a baseball game tonight so I have to make something that is easy to eat and quick to make.  I am making breakfast burritos for the adults and ham and cheese roll ups for the kids.

4:35 pm- I decide to make the kids lunches for tomorrow while I have all the ingredients out for ham and cheese roll-ups.  Harper has to be at school at 7:30 tomorrow so my Wednesday morning will be a little crazy.


5:00 pm- The kids lunches are made.  They sit down to eat their dinner.  Mitch and I also sit down and eat our dinner really quick.


5:10 pm- Miller gets dressed for baseball.  I pack up snacks for the game. I get Miller's water bottle ready.  I  clean myself up and change out of my sweaty clothes.

5:25 pm- We head to the baseball field.

5:38 pm- We arrive at the ball field.  Harper and I go for a quick walk since the game doesn't start until 6:00.

6:00 pm- Harper and I watch Miller's game.  Mitch is the coach so he is busy on the field.  Harper and I help out in the dug out.


7:30 pm- The game is over.  We hand out snacks and wait for all the players to leave.  We head home.


7:47 pm- We get home and bathe the kids really fast. I change into PJs and wash my face.

8:00 pm- Harper brushes her teeth and gets in bed to read.  Miller decides he now wants to eat his dinner.  While he eats, he reads me his assigned book for the day.

8:14 pm- Miller brushes his teeth and gets into bed.  I read to him until 8:30 and it's lights out for both kids.

8:35 pm- Miller has requested overnight oats for breakfast tomorrow.  I get the ingredients all mixed up.

8:42 pm- Miller is up.  He wants me to lay with him.  I tell myself that he won't want me to do this much longer so I should enjoy it, but I am actually frustrated.  I am ready to go to bed myself.

8:45 pm- I leave Miller's room.  I sit down to write this post, but the internet isn't working.  I type it up anyways and make a copy in Word in case I lose it.

9:05 pm- I floss, brush my teeth, and get into bed.  I read in bed until 9:55.

10:00 pm- I am fast asleep.


julee said...

Ok, it's been awhile since I visited but your kids are still the cutest. The shot of your son on the field made me smile. At that age, it's tough to 'keep them focused' on what's going on.

Also, loved your idea on the napkins. I've used them for years too. I think I may make them for my coworkers this year for Christmas. i'm thinking of going to goodwill for some flannels. thanks for 'YOUR' idea. Love it

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