Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Day In The Life- Tuesday- Part 1

It's been awhile since I have done A Day In The Life post, so I felt like one was due.  I love looking back on these and realizing how much has changed or not changed.  So here is my Tuesday morning documented.  I am breaking it up into 2 parts so that it is not one huge boring post.

6:21 am- Miller's awake, which means I am awake.  He plops in front of the TV and I go shower.

6:53 am- I am showered and dressed for work.  I even applied some makeup.

6:54 am- I ask Miller what he wants for breakfast.  He wants cinnamon toast and eggs.  I start getting the toast ready.  I also get all of our vitamins out. The kids get a multivitamin and a probiotic.  Mitch and I take a vitamin D, probiotic, and an emergen-c.

7:00 am- I wake up Harper.  I ask her what she wants for breakfast.  She wants cereal.

7:05 am- I pour Harper's cereal while Miller's toast is toasting.  Then get started on his eggs. I also unload the dishwasher while the eggs are cooking.

7:10 am- Breakfast is on the table.  The kids sit down to eat.


7:15am- I get my breakfast ready.  I usually take a bowl of oatmeal with me to eat at work.  I start getting all the ingredients together to make a green smoothie. 


7:20 am- I blend up the green smoothie.  I pour mine into a mason jar and Mitch's into his klean kanteen.  I rinse out the blender and put it into the dishwasher.

7:25 am- I fill up Harper's water bottle and put it in her backpack.  Then pack them snacks.  Miller wants a bar of some sort every day.  Harper prefers to have something that she can snack on while she works.  So she usually gets some sort of cracker or pretzel.  The kids are buying their lunch today, so I don't have to pack lunches.

7:30 am- The kids are finished eating.  They bring their plates to the kitchen and I load them into the dishwasher.  Miller also checks the weather on the computer.  He likes to know how he needs to dress for the day.


7:31 am- Harper is in her room getting ready for school.  I help Miller find some pants to wear because he didn't want to wear any of the pants in his drawer.  Lucky for me the pants he wanted to wear were in the dryer. 

7:34 am- Miller brushes his teeth.  I blow dry my hair and straighten it.

7:45 am- Miller is all dressed and has his shoes on.  I brush my teeth and check on Harper.  She is all ready to go.  She just needs to brush her teeth.

7:48 am- I have some extra time so I check my e-mail then get sucked into Pinterest for a few minutes.

7:55 am- We get ready to walk out the door.  Miller decides he needs a band aid on his finger.  So I slap a band aid on him reallly quick.  We grab backpacks and jackets and jump into the car.  I tried to get Miller in this photo too, but he ran away from me. 

7:59 am- We leave the house and head to my friend's house to pick up her girls.  We carpool with them.  I take them in the morning and she brings them home in the afternoon. 

8:03 am- We drive to school.

8:11 am- I drop the kids off at school and drive to work.

8:20 am- I get to work.  I turn on my computer, fill up my water bottle, make some tea, and get my oatmeal all ready.


8:30 am- Time to work.  Here's my view. The leaves are starting to change.  Woohoo.


I will be back tomorrow with the rest of my day.  So did anyone do anything exciting this morning?


Stacy said...

I commend you for being able to keep track of all of that! I don't think I could do that, since I am always on a run in the mornings.

carrie said...

I like your Day In The Life posts. I should do one again soon, too.

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