Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catching Up On The Kids


It's been awhile since I did a post about what is going on with the kids.  School started a couple of weeks ago and I still need to do a post about that, but I need to locate the photos first. : )

Harper is still going strong with Tae Kwon Do.  She had a brief moment where she wanted to quit and do gymnastics again, but I think we are over that hump.  She tested for her blue belt on Saturday.  She broke a board with a turning side kick.  She prepared really well for this testing and as a result she had a great testing.  I was so proud of her. 

Right now Harper is really wanting to take piano lessons.  I am holding out for a little bit to make sure she doesn't change her mind.  I think she would do well with playing some sort of instrument, so we will see.   She is still going to be doing Brownies and chorus, so she will have plenty to keep her busy.

Miller is still playing baseball.  He has really improved over the last year.  I am excited to see him play this season.  He doesn't have a desire to play anything else right now and I am ok with that. 

Over the summer Miller really started getting into Legos.  He will sit down with a set and follow the directions without a problem.   He is so patient and focused.  It is so cute to watch.

We are still trying to get into the back to school schedule. We are really struggling with getting the kids to read or even go outside and play. All Harper wants to do is watch TV.  Her favorite shows right now are iCarly and Victorious.  All Miller wants to do is play Wii. 


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