Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fireplace Room Progress


Hey everyone!!!  Sorry I have been a little absent around the blog. I have just not been feeling it lately.  I am hoping it passes soon.
I thought I would give you guys an update on our progress in the fireplace room (that's what we call it).   We finally decided to bite the bullet and just install the door that we had.  We miss the old full glass door, but this one is way more energy efficient.  Installing the door was a bit of a process, but Mitch finally has it in to his satisfaction.  Mitch was also able to install a doggie door for Bailey.

We have been debating on what to do over the fireplace.  Mitch finally decided last weekend to beadboard the whole wall.  He still has to build the fireplace surround and mantle.  I have already painted the room.  We used delicate mist by Behr.  You can kind of see the paint color in the first picture if you look at the wall in the left hand corner.  It is a very light greyish blue.  I think it is going to look nice and go well with the crazy colors going on in the kitchen.  Then we have to install all of the trim and paint it.  We are so, so close to being finished. I know it has taken forever, but June has been a crazy busy month for us.  On top of that Mitch had Shingles at the beginning of the month.  I think all of the stress of the remodel may have been a contributing factor.  So we have been taking it easy and not stressing about it too much.  I think we should have it all finished in the next few weekends though.  Then I get to do fun stuff like shop for new rugs and decide if we are building or buying a dining room table. 

Oh, and in case you forgot what our fireplace looked like before we had to tear it down.  You can also see my full glass door that I miss so much.

Here is a before photo.

Here's a photo after we tore down the falling facade and had a new one built.  So you can see we are making progress, even if it is slow. 

Seeing the photo of my white fireplace is making me want to paint my new fireplace.  I don't think Mitch will go for it, but what do you think?


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