Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving On

You might remember that not too long ago the room right next to our kitchen looked like this.

While we had the contractor working on the kitchen, we had him drywall the room for us.  It was previously nasty fake wood paneling.

When we removed all the molding, we discovered our fireplace was pulling away from the wall. 

So we hired a mason to remove the old facade and build a new one.

This is how the fireplace looked when he was finished.
Now that we are officially finished with the kitchen we have started work on this room.  Mitch had to pull up all the sub flooring around the back door and replace it.  Before we had the fireplace repaired we had a water leak that caused quite a bit of damage around the door.
Look how rotten the wood was behind the wall. Yikes.

Here it is after he replaced the studs.


After he was finished with the door, he framed out the fireplace. He is going to build a surround and probably drywall the top portion.


Then he leveled out the floor.  The floor was very uneven, so it was definitely a process.

Then we spent Sunday afternoon laying down the floor.
It's starting to look like a real room now.

The kids have enjoyed "skating" around the floor on their socks. It is also So nice to have the floor flow from the kitchen into this room.

We are still trying to decide whether we are going to replace the back door.  It has a doggie door in the bottom middle panel, which is very nice for Bailey.  We love the full glass door, but all the doors we have seen now have a full glass panel instead of individual panels.  So we would not be able to put a doggie door in.  We have really been trying to make this door work, so we will see.  Now Mitch has to finish the fireplace.  We need to paint the ceiling and walls.  Then put the molding back up.  Once all of that is finished we need to buy or build a table.  The plan is to have a table close to where the couch is now.  Then have a little sitting area by the fireplace.  I am so ready to have my house put back together again. 


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