Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catching Up On The Kids

Hey everyone.  Sorry my posts have been pretty scarce lately.  Life has been super busy, so the poor
blog has been suffering as a result. It's been awhile since I did a post on the kids, so here's what they have been up to. 
They have been finding ways to cool off from the extra warm temperatures we have been experiencing.


My dad has been putting slip and slides together for us since I was little.


Miller has been playing baseball and loving it.  He asks me every day if he has a game.  It is so fun to seem him so excited about something.  This photo cracks me up.  Mitch fixed his pants and hat after this photo was taken.


Harper is still enjoying Tae Kwon Do.  She is getting close to testing for her purple belt.  She also had her mile run at school and finished in 8:11, which was 6 seconds slower than her fall time.  At least she is consistent.  She was the first person to cross the finish line in her class.  I was so proud of her.


They only have 2 more weeks of school left.  Can you believe it?  We are all excited about summer break. 

I hope to have a sneak peak into the kitchen tomorrow.  I am not quite ready for an official reveal yet.  I still have to put some things on the walls and make it look all pretty, but we are pretty much finished.  Woohoo!!  Now we get to move on to our living rooms. 


Cheryl said...

I'm pretty sure you could have fit one more kid int hat bucket. ;) Hope you guys continue to stay cool.

Kimberly said...

They are getting so big! What are you guys doing for summer?

Stacy said...

Wow, you are almost done with school?? That is great...and it is great that is so warm there. I think it was warmer in March than it has been in April and May. We are finally creeping into the 70's now.

Miller looks so cute in his baseball outfit. Kai is never quite all put together either. Leave it to boys!

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