Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kitchen Update- Bells & Whistles

We were gone a good portion of the week last week, so no major progress on the kitchen.  We are checking off little items though.  Mitch has all the cabinets door and hardware installed on this side of the room.


We had to do some touch up painting on the top doors, so there is no hardware yet.  The bottom doors and drawers are finished.  You can see we pulled out the butcherblock so that we can stain and seal it. You can also kind of see if you look in the right hand corner that Mitch installed the quarter round around the baseboards and under the cabinets.  So the floor looks more finished now.


I wanted to show some of the fun organizational stuff that Mitch has installed.  We have a pullout trash can and recycle bin.


A place for our pots and pans underneath the stove top.


More pull out storage under the oven.


One final pull out drawer to fit random appliances.  I still haven't completely organized everything. I need to do that.  I guess I can add that to my list. 


Here's the butcherblock with 2 coats of stain.  We decided to go with a more natural color since the floors are so dark. I love being able to see all the varying colors of wood.


Mitch stained the ledge for the opening the same color, but it didn't look right.  So he sanded it down and restained it.  I need to get a photo of it with the new stain.  We went with a darker color for this piece.


We still need to touch up wall and ceiling paint, install the trim,  seal and install the ledge and butcherblock.  Then paint all the trim and caulk around the countertop.  Oh, and install the remaining hardware.  I am SO ready to be done with the kitchen.  Then we get to move on to the living rooms.  Woohoo!!! 


Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

Gorgeous! I love the storage options, and your hardware looks perfect.

Stacy said...

Look at all that wonderful organization!! Whoohoo! I bet you love that. :) It looks great, truly. Totally worth all the hassle.

Last week I touched up my cabinets. After 3 years they were getting a little banged up. So...make sure you have some paint saved to repaint things when needed.

carrie said... so beautiful. i just love staring at your kitchen...i'm sure you do as well! we are buckling down. i need to get over my paralysis and start making some decisions...

julandmatt said...

Looking very good!

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