Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kitchen Update- Tile and Paint

We had a busy weekend working on the kitchen, but made some pretty good progress.  I say that every week don't I?

I primed and put a couple of coats on one side of all the cabinet doors.  I also put another 2 coats of paint on the base cabinets.

We sanded the drywall, then primed.   Mitch painted the ceiling.   Then we painted the walls.  You can see the crazy color that we finally choose.  It is a little out of my comfort zone, but it is growing on me.  We also installed 2 light fixtures, which gives us so much more light.  I forgot to take a photo,  but I will post some next time I do a kitchen update.

Then Sunday was spent tiling the backsplash.  I tried to help, but this was really a one man job.



Here it is all finished.  Well, mostly finished. We still need to grout. 




It's marble and I love it.


The hood will cover this space once it is installed.


I have walked into my kitchen at least 50 times just to stare at it.  Harper walked in this morning and said, "This is not our kitchen."   I take that as a good sign. 

Hopefully we will get the tile grouted this week.  Mitch needs to decide if he is going to install the hood or have our contractor come back.  Then we need to put up trim and quarter round, stain and seal the butcherblock, and install a piece of wood for the pass through.   Oh, and finish painting the other side of all the cabinet doors.  Then we can tackle the other room.  We have a mason coming this week to take down the brick facade, so I am sure I will have more photos to share.


Jacqui said...

It's looking good. Love the tiles and your choice of paint colour (blue is my favourite colour). It's lovely when you can start to see it all come together isn't it. Keep going...all the hard work will be worth it in the end!

Stacy said...

Wow, it looks fantastic! I love the marble and the wall color. The cool tones of the marble really calm down the brightness of the blue. They look great together!

Maggie said...

That looks fantastic!

carrie said...

oh that blue! it is gorgeous!! and i love the marble, too. it looks fantastic jen.

now...please tell me that the painting of the cabinets isn't really all that bad?? are you spraying them or brushing?

Ash the Bash said...

I love the tiles and the blue walls, we painted our kitchen blue as well. Looks like your nearly there and it will be gorgeous.

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