Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meal Planning Success

Since food photography does not seem to be my strong suit, you get a cute kid photo instead.

 I am still going strong with my meal planning.  Since I have been planning ahead, we have tried some really yummy recipes instead of relying on all of our normal stand-bys.  I thought I would share some of the recipes that we have enjoyed plus some tips for how I have been meal planning.

I am by no means an expert in this subject, but I thought it might be helpful to share how I go about planning our meals for the week. 
1.  If I come across a recipe on a blog or pinterest, etc., I go ahead and print it out and set it aside.
2.  On Thursday or Friday I look at the recipes I have collected and decide which ones I want to make.  Then I fill in the gaps with any meals I have been craving or think that the kids would actually eat.
3.  I plan for 4 dinners.  This leaves leftovers for one night during the week.  We usually eat out on Friday and Saturday night.
4.  I list a few snack ideas for school and after school.
5.  I have been trying to make one batch of soup each week for an easy lunch. I try to make this on Sunday.
6.  I have also been making a healthy-ish treat to have on hand for the kids.  The kids feel like they are getting something special and I don't feel guilty about giving it to them.  I also try to make this on Saturday or Sunday.
7.  I plan for easier meals on the days I know we have an activity like Tae Kwon Do.  If possible I go ahead and make an extra meal on a night I am not as busy, so we can just grab and go or warm it up and eat.
8.  Once I have my plan, I make a grocery list. 

I will admit that this is a ton of work, but so far it has been so worth it.  It is so nice to come home from work and not think about what I am going to make. 

Here are some of our favorite recipes from the last few weeks:

Orange Slow Cooker Chicken- Mitch added hot sauce to it to off set the sweetness.  The kids ate it so I am calling it a success.
Nut Butter Brownies- not necessarily healthy, but definitely yummy
White Bean and Kale Stew from The Vegan Slow Cooker
Totally Addictive Cornbread- Yummy and gluten free and dairy free
Spicy Lentil Collard Wraps- I used brown rice instead of bulgar wheat because it is what I had on hand.
Blueberry Banana Pie Vegan Overnight Oats- We all love these oats.  I have made 2 batches now.  I was skeptical about cold oats, but let me tell you these are REALLY good.  The batch lasts for a few days, so you can have breakfast for several mornings.

I am sure there are more, but these are the ones that are standing out. 


Run Lori Run said...

We 've made that white bean and kale stew too and added Feld Roast brand fake sausage. It was great!

julandmatt said...

My goodness, I can't believe your kids eat this kind of food. My husband like hotdogs and cereal for dinner! haha

They all look good!


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