Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wool Week- Patchwork Stocking


I have been wanting to make stockings for Mitch and I for several years now.   The ones that we have been using have absolutely no sentimental value to us.  Plus I really never liked them.   So I decided to use some of my wool to piece together stockings for us.


I did a little hand stitching on the front to add some character.


Mitch's stocking is on the right.  Mine is on the left.

If anyone is interested in a tutorial and pattern pieces, let me know.  I took photos so I can put a tutorial together if there is interest.


I have a couple more projects swirling around in my mind, but have not had time to work on them.  I will have to see if I have time this weekend or next week. I have really enjoyed working my way through my stash of wool and there is still lots to use up.


Nicole said...

I'm interested in a tutorial!

carrie said...

YES...would love a tutorial. I wanted to do new stockings for all 4 of us...tick, tock.

Al said...

I love the fireplace's new look. I know chimney cleaners who give quality services.

Sandra Romaine said...

Another great tutorial. Not gonna help with my skin whitening but very useful nonetheless.

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