Monday, November 7, 2011

Messenger Bag with iPad Pocket


 I really needed a new bag.  So I decided to follow my Messenger Bag tutorial and make a few modifications to meet my current needs.  I have been toting my iPad around with me more and more, so I really wanted to have a pocket to store it in.  I knew I wanted a flap with some sort of closure so that it would be protected and not fall out.  

Here are the modifications that I made:
back pocket pieces are 14"x 9"

back pocket top flap pieces are 14" x 5"
round the edges the same way you do the flap pieces
you will assemble the pocket flap piece the same way as the main flap pieces


interface the lining pieces with fusible fleece high loft, also interface one side of the back pocket pieces


interface one side of the flap piece with lightweight interfacing
I did not interface the strap or inside pocket


This is what my back main body piece looked like with the pocket and flap all assembled.  I decided to use a velcro closure to make sure everything was secure.  I added the velcro to the flap piece and the pocket piece before basting them to the main body piece.




I decided to do a little hand embroidery on the front flap piece to bring in some of the yellow from the lining. 



Here's some photos of the finished product.


The iPad all nice and snug.



I like that you can't even tell it's in there.


I also added a loop of fabric to clip my keys to so that they don't get lost in the bottom of my purse.  I have been sticking my phone in the pocket.



I am so in love with my new purse.  I would highly recommend interfacing your bag if you decide to make one.  It adds so much more structure to the bag.  

This version of the bag isn't made to be reversible.

Find the Reversible Messenger Bag tutorial here.

Don't forget to add a photo to my flickr pool if you decide to make one.






Stacy said...

Great job! I love the colors you chose for it. It looks very nice and practical. I need to make a new bag, too. I tend to use my bags until they wear out and get all dirty. I'm there right now with the one I made this spring. I agree on the interfacing, too. It really gives it some structure.

carrie said...

YEah, I need to make a new one as well...and I LOVE that gray fabric. I have a really nice gray that I bought on vacation over the summer...I think it would make a nice little bag - and I love the iPad functionality, too. Beautiful.

Jordan McCollum said...

Nice! I bet the pocket would work for a Kindle as well.

Happy in red said...

This is a great tutorial, thanx!

Anonymous said...

May I ask where you purchased your fabric? I love them both!

Jen said...

I bought the fabric from It is by Premier Prints.

ruby said...

Hi, I love the ipad pocket & would love to make this bag this week. Do you just make the reversable bag first according to original directions and add on the back piece?
thanks in advance!

Alexi Crump said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial!! I just made a bag for my laptop, so I didn't add the pocket, and it looks so cute! I used grey corduroy and blue chevron fabric. Thanks!

canukpam said...

Great bag - I have made a few now, my two granddaughters love both the panda bag, and also the giraffe bag - now they can take their ipad mini's with them everywhere and no one knows they have them. Thanks for the instructions

Jo said...

I made your reversible messenger bag a couple of years ago and it's still going strong! I don't know how to add a photo of it though. X

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