Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eco Holiday Gift Guide- Kitchen Edition

eco holiday gift guide

Today I am featuring some of my favorite gifts for the kitchen.

Aeternum Saute Pans
Aeternum saute pans feature a non-stick surface using nano-ceramic technology which means they perform like nobody's business and are PFOA, PTFE and Cadmium free.  These are on my Christmas list this year. 

saute pans

Glass Tea Kettle

Why boil water behind a metal barricade? It's not nearly as enjoyable as the pure pleasure of watching water gather steam in this safe, heat-proof lab glass tea kettle with a cool blue knob on its lid and large ergonomic handle. Holding 60 ounces, it works with gas or electric heat and is dishwasher safe.  This is on my list too.  Isn't it beautiful? I think it would look great in my new kitchen.
The eco-friendly recycled aluminum wing platter alights on your dinner, coffee, or side table with angelic grace, adding its celestial èlan to the spirit of the season.
Designed for both function and comfort, and made from an earth friendly blend of recycled wood and plastic. They can also be recycled as well. Dishwasher safe.

8-5x11 publicity

Olive Wood Salt Cellar
The olive wood salt cellar is carved from wood that is pruned from young trees and sprouts of trees no longer producing olives. No olive tree is damaged or destroyed in the harvesting of the wood. This assures that the trees remain healthy and the groves sustainable. The wood is dried for over a year and then hand crafted into beautiful, one of kind accessory pieces, each with their own unique grain pattern. These high quality pieces will last a lifetime.

Bring those memories to life - like the night you all drank wine, talked and laughed until the early morning hours... don't throw out those wine corks. Recycle them into this handy trivet! Group gathering? Make several for those who were there.
cork trivet

In case you missed my arts & craft edition it is here.  My drink lovers edition is here.


Stacy said...

Love these gift guides, but this one is my favorite! Those angel wings are cool, love the salt cellar and the trivets are all very cool. I'll have one of each. ;)

Kimberly said...

I love those red saute pans! I've been looking for something like them and red is my favorite color. That a win-win for me :D

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