Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catching up on the kids

Lately my blog has been all about the kitchen and pinterest.  I admit that I have been lazy with my posting.  Life is busy and some weeks it's all I can do to post anything at all.  I know a post featuring the kids is long overdue.  


Harper has been taking Tae Kwon Do for a few months now.  She won a free month and a uniform, so she decided she would give it a try.   She is loving it.  She was named student of the month for September. She is testing for her yellow belt on Friday.  She has class on Tuesday and Thursday.  Then sparring on Fridays, plus another optional class on Saturdays.  I think it has been great for her, but it is time consuming.

I had a conference with Harper's teacher a few weeks ago.  The teacher only had positive things to say.  She said that she was a very hard worker, well behaved, and gets along with everyone.  She is doing great with reading and spelling especially.  Math doesn't come as naturally, but she works really hard.  I left the conference feeling so proud of my sweet girl.

Harper is also a Brownie Scout this year.  She is still with the same troop.  I have been helping out more with the troop this year, which has been really fun.  She is part of such a great group of girls. 

The transition to Kindergarten has been much smoother for Miller than I had anticipated.  He definitely seeks comfort in having Harper around, but is also gaining more independence and confidence.  If you ask him what he likes most about school, P.E. is always his answer.  They are running in gym class to prepare for a fundraiser and mile run that is scheduled for next week.  He loves running the track.  He told me that he always comes in first when they run.  The Spanish teacher confirmed this when I dropped him off last week.  When she saw Miller she said, "Miller is the fastest kid in Kindergarten."  I knew he was fast, but I wasn't sure how he would do with pacing himself for a long distance.  I can't wait to see him run next week. 

I have a conference scheduled for next week with his teacher.  I am a little anxious to see what she has to say about Miller.  He doesn't provide much feedback when I ask him questions about his day.  When he gets a card pulled, he can never remember why (of course).  He has only pulled his card a few times, so I am hoping this isn't an issue.


Miller is playing baseball again this fall.  He is playing twice a week.  He has improved so much since last season.  I think he is finally catching on to how the game is played.   He even caught a pop up at his last game.  Mitch, who is coaching his team, gave him the game ball.  He was so proud (me too).

Harper and Miller continue to have the typical relationship.  They either love each other or hate each other.  They still hold hands most days when I pick them up from school and they are walking to the car.  It is the cutest thing ever. Most of the time they play really well together, which make the afternoons that we are home much more enjoyable.  Since we are on the go so much now, they seem to cherish the time we are home more. 


Stacy said...

Wow, you guys sound really busy! I don't know how you do so much running around. We have the kids in weeknight swimming and then church class and that is IT. Soon we will have basketball and gymnastics starting up, though. Should be fun!

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