Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pinterest-Kitchen Inspiration

This week I am dreaming about my kitchen.  Can you tell I love white cabinets?
I am really in love with the subway tiles and the butcherblock countertops.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

That sink is awesome eventhough I really want an undermount.

I think we are going to take our cabinets all the way to the ceiling.

The blue subway tiles are pretty cool too.  Look more butcherblock. 

I love the glass cabinets.  I wonder if I could keep my cabinets neat enough to pull this off?


carrie said...

yes. any one of these could qualify as my dream kitchen. white! love! but my all time favorite is that gorgeous blue subway tile. i used to be an all white, all the time girl, but oh hello that blue!

Corey~living and loving said...

so fun to plan and dream. I get overwhelmed with the possibilities, though.

Stacy said...

Yes, I could tell you liked the white kitchens LOL! Those are all very pretty. I really like our undermount sink. It is so much cleaner to have it that way. I would have loved to do cabinets all the way to the ceiling, but our soffit doesn't have a ceiling. I guess if we rip it all out eventually then it wouldn't be such a big deal to put a ceiling on that piece.

Anonymous said...

Looks good but it is not really practical for a busy family. Kitchen countertops chip and break. Also grout lines tend to look bad after a while unless you plan on cleaning it really good every day.

certified kitchen designer said...

See to it that the design matches the interior. This is a workable concept though.

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