Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yazoo Brewery Tour

Saturday was Mitch's birthday, so I planned a date night for us to celebrate. My parents were nice enough to keep the kids. I decided that a tour of Yazoo Brewery might be fun and I was right!!

We each got our own pint glass for tasting.

We tasted Dos Perros, the Pale Ale, and the Hefeweizen. They knew it was Mitch's birthday so they were very generous with his pours.





All gone.

The tour was great. Our guide was hilarious. The brewery is still relatively small. They only have 12 employees at this time, which I think is pretty cool. If you are ever in Nashville and like beer, definitely take this tour.

We ended the night with some pizza from Whole Foods, which is really good. See that sticker on the box. That means we didn't have to pay for it either. I guess because it was getting late they decided to just give the pizza to us for free. How cool is that?


I hope you had a great birthday Mitch!!


Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Mitch!!! It looks like you guys had a great day. My hubby would love that tour!

Stacy said...

That looks like a wonderful way to spend his birthday...for both of you! That beer looks pretty yummy. :)


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