Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wisconsin Dells 2011

Well, we are back from a nice long vacation up north. What you didn't even know I was gone? I always feel strange about announcing to the whole world that I am leaving on vacation. You know in case some crazy stalker reads the blog, right? Anyways, we are back and settling into real life again.

I took so many photos that I am going to have to break them up. So the first installment is from our 2 night stay at the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells.

We had lots of fun with lots of cousins.






I didn't get any photos of the waterpark because I was too busy having fun. I may have also been a little too paranoid to bring my precious new camera that close to so many splashing kids.

Before we headed to Minnesota, we made time to take the Ducks Tour. This was Miller's favorite part of the trip.




Oops, a little focus issue, but I wanted you to see I was there too.



This was a great way to start our vacation. Hopefully I will be able to condense the 500 or so photos I took of the rest of our vacation.


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