Monday, July 18, 2011

My Favorite Veggie Burger Recipes


In my opinion, veggie burgers are a staple in a vegan or vegetarian's diet. They are versatile, tasty, filling, and healthy.

I have been eating veggie burgers for 14 years now, so I have tried a lot of recipes. To date these are my 2 favorite veggie burger recipes.

The Vegan Bean Burger by Daily Garnish. This recipe uses black beans, but you could easily use any type of bean. You can also change up the spices if you like. I like making a big batch to have in the freezer. Since every one else in my family eats meat, it is nice to be able to grab a veggie burger from the freezer.

Yukon Gold White Bean Basil Burgers by Mama Pea. These burgers are SO yummy. I did not have any white beans on hand so I used pinto beans instead and they came out great. These are different from your typical veggie burger. The recipe makes 4 patties. I did not have to use my food processor, which was a plus. I just mashed up everything with a fork. The only problem is they did not last long. Next time I will have to make a bigger batch.


Once you make veggie burgers from scratch it is really hard to go back to the frozen kind.

So do you have a favorite veggie burger recipe?

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