Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crafty Flashback

Since I have nothing to share this week for Crafty Tuesday, I decided to raid the archives to see what I did in years past. I tried to choose the closest date to today.

I always love looking through the archives. It did make me feel like a slacker though.


July 20, 2010- More PJ Shorts

Man, I haven't made an owl in a long time.


July 21, 2009- GreenCraft Magazine and a Few Owls

I still think it is pretty cool that my cozies made it into GreenCraft.


July 9, 2008- Travel Tips Anyone?

This was before I was sewing all the time, but I was able to find a little craftiness.


July 19, 2008- We All Made it Back in One Piece
I had to throw this one in. Anyone want to guess where we are right now?


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