Friday, June 10, 2011


Today is my birthday and I am 36. I usually try to sail right on through my birthday straight to Harper's. I am not a big birthday person so I actually like that my birthday often gets overshadowed by Harper's birthday. Is that strange? I am now officially closer to 40 than 30 and honestly it makes me a little sad mostly because I still feel like I am 25. How is it possible that I am 36? I mean I can remember when my parents were 36 and they were old. (Sorry mom and dad) I am trying to take it all in stride. The fact that my kids are now 5 and 7 (well she will be tomorrow) is not helping matters.

Moving on....let's talk about what is going on with me, since we are on the subject. : ) I am slowing trying to get back to running. I have a long way to go before I am back to where I was before I started having hip broblems, but I am taking it day by day. After the half marathon, I did not try running at all for 2 weeks. My body, specifically my hips, were very sore. I stuck to walking, strenth training and yoga. I have also switched my workouts to the morning, so I have been getting up at 5:15 and exercising. As a result, I go to bed not too long after the kids go to bed. So far this is going well. I love having the afternoons free and not having to worry about working out after dinner. Plus it is a lot cooler running in the morning. It is also really quiet in the house so yoga is much more enjoyable and peaceful. If you are looking for a good yoga podcast, I have really been enjoying Sarah B. Yoga.


The garden is looking good. I planted my herb garden like I do every year. I have lots of basil, cilantro, dill, and parsley. We also have tomato plants, squash, watermelon, and a pumpkin plant Harper brought home from school. It has been in the high 90's here so we (mostly Mitch) have been doing lots of watering. We need some rain so we can fill our rain barrel back up.

I am still drinking a green smoothie most days, but recently have been adding protein powder for extra staying power. The chocolate Vega Whole Food Optimizer and the vanilla almond Vega Shake and Go Smoothie are my favorites. I just add 2 scoops to the blender with all the rest of my smoothie ingredients. I have also been adding dandelion greens and kale for variety.

I have not been sewing too much, but have lots of ideas jotted down in my notebook. That has to count for something, right? Finding time to sit down and sew for an extended amount of time has been challenging lately. I am hoping after this weekend things will mellow out a bit and I will find some time to sew.


I did finally find time to put some of my photos in these frames and my awesome husband hung it in our bathroom. I love how it turned out.


The cicadas are almost all gone. I did enjoy the novelty of the cicadas, but I am not sad to see them gone.

I hope 36 will be as great as 35.


julandmatt said...

Happy Birthday!

Mine is on Monday and usually us Gemini's love celebrating. I'm exactly 10 years older than you and I feel the same way about celebrating or more appropriately NOT celebrating. This started for me after 40. It's weird how one day your 'old'.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you photo arrangement and darn it, I just may borrow that idea!

We Gemini's are crafty ones!

Enjoy your special day and night....because it is special - there's only one you and your family probably digs that!

Happy Birthday.

Cara said...

Happy Birthday Pretty Green Mama! I should have know you were a Gemini, my best friend for the past 20 year is gemini! Gemini's Rock! I am right there with you on having your kids overshadow your birthday. I love the fact that Nicolo and my nephews birthdays are in the same month as mine as to take the spotlight off me. I had a really hard time being a bride because of the attention, I am not a introvert but I don't want to be the center of attention either. I can tell you when you are Forty it won't feel much different than 36, except maybe the aches an pains last a little longer.

Jessie said...

Happy happy birthday mama! I hope that you had a fabulous day ♥

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer! I hope you have a fantastic day.

I love the pictures and how you guys arranged them. Very nice!

Stacy said...

Happy belated birthday to you, too! I hope your body gets back to norm so you can get back to running. That sucks that you can't do what you want. Ah getting older and more "fragile". I hate that. Oh, and you get up at 5:15?? Wow! I would have to go to bed with the kids, too, if I were to get up that early.


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