Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Sew Camera Purse

I have been eyeing all those beautiful camera purses lately, but right now I just can't justify the price. I have been brainstorming about making my own. Then all of the sudden I had an idea. Why not use the padded inserts that came with my camera bag to fashion my own camera purse?

Here's what I did. I looked through all the inserts I have from two different bags. I decided that I could put these pieces together for my camera and an extra lens.


I played around with the pieces until I came up with this.


It even fits in this purse that I have had in my refashion pile.


Plus there is still room for a zipper pouch, wallet, phone, keys, and more.


I took these from my iphone so that you can see how it fits. I wrapped the padded strap around the lens on the camera for added protection.


Now I feel much better about lugging my camera around in my purse.


I know that this is stretching it for Crafty Tuesday, but it's all I've got this week.


tinahead81 said...

great idea!!

elizabeth said...

awesome idea!

Stacy said...

What a great idea to repurpose all those inserts. I gave away my one bag that had a lot of that stuff. I have bought some foam to do a camera bag. Someday, I'll get back into my sewing room...

carrie said...

Mama. You are the most creative person I know. Seriously - this is genius. Adding to my list.


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