Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Day in the Life- February 1, 2011 {evening}

I want to preface this by saying this is not a typical evening at our house, but as the kids get involved in more activities it will probably become the norm. I also will apologize in advance for the photo quality. I had to snap the photos fast and there are iphone photos mixed in there too.

Miller had his first swim lesson tonight. He was so excited. I couldn't get a photo of him that wasn't blurry because he was moving around so much. This is a huge step for him. He is terrified of the water. We finally convinced him that he really needs to know how to swim. Mitch took him because I am a softie and Miller knows it.

Feb 1-1

While the boys were at swim lessons, Harper did some homework and I made some soup.

Feb 1-2

Then I ate some of this yummy soup (Red Lentil Potato Soup with Kale). Harper was not impressed. She opted for a banana. In my defense she ate some rotisserie chicken earlier.

Feb 1-3

After dinner and homework, I picked out some fabric for a baby gift I am planning. Harper decided to write the answer to every one of her math flash cards. She answered every single one correctly.

Miller and Mitch arrived home. Lessons started out a little shaky, but he did it. He was very proud of himself. I told him if he did what the teacher asked him to do he could play Wii Mario Kart when he got home. That motivated him. That is all he cares about these days. Mitch showed us some photos and videos of Miller in action.

Feb 1-4

The boys ate some dinner. Harper and I loaded up for basketball practice. Miller took a shower.

Feb 1- 5

I did a little reading and basketball practice watching. Then we headed home. Harper brushed her teeth. Miller was already in bed.

Feb 1-6

Harper lost a tooth at school today. Well, actually the nurse pulled it for her. It was just hanging there. Harper kept visiting the nurse about her tooth, so I am sure the nurse was happy it finally came out. She made sure the tooth was tucked into her tooth fairy pillow. Then we read a book.

Feb 1-7

Time for bed.

Did anyone play along this week?


Jessie said...

I will try to one of these weeks :) Your soup looks delish! Wow - basketball at 6:40. The things to come. I am sitting with a glass of wine by that time in my pj's waiting for 7 to start putting the girls down. lol :)

Stacy said...

Looks like a busy day! I long for the days with no schedules. I have to sign Kai up for baseball and the length of the season just makes me cringe. Then Anya needs something to do to, on top of swimming. Their social calendars are busier than mine!

Oh, and are video games a boy thing?? Kai is the same way as Miller.

Christina said...

sounds like a full evening! Love it that Harper chose to work her math flashcards, good students are so cool!! Your soup looks yum-o too. Oh, and good job Miller for conquering his fears!

Together We Save said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening!! I am so glad swimming lessons went well.

carrie said...

oh...that looks like a little bit of our evenings, too. Yeah for Miller! Good work, little guy.

YES! I'm going to play along next week when it is a more "normal" week...ha! :-)

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