Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Minute Advent Calendar


I really wanted to make a special Advent Calendar for the kids this year, but like always time slipped away from me. I mean seriously where did November go? Wasn't it just Halloween? Anyway, in a mad scramble to get one up before today we put a calendar together yesterday afternoon. Originally I was going to use envelopes, but I knew I would have to do two sets to avoid sibling conflict. That means I would need 50 envelopes. I knew I could scrounge up maybe 25, but not 50. I wanted to use things that we had on hand. Then I saw this post and knew it was a great compromise. I already had tons of tags cut out that we could use. I also had Christmas scrapbook paper that I have had for about 6 years. So we went to work. Miller pooped out after writing all of his numbers and making a couple of presents. But Harper worked very diligently on her calendar.

So each night I will place a treat, reward, good deed to do, riddle etc. behind the corresponding number. I was not organized enough to have it all together at once. At least this way I have a little time to come up with some good ideas.

We ran out of clothes pins so we had to improvise.

Happy December 1st everyone!!


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