Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Doll Clothes Overload

So now that Christmas is over and gifts have been opened, I can show you what has been occupying my time. All the little girls in my life were getting dolls for Christmas, so I decided that I would make doll clothes for them. I had grand plans to make several outfits for each of them. I will have to be honest. I was a little disappointed in the outcome. All of the cutting and sewing of the tiny pieces took WAY longer than I had anticipated. So I was not able to make as many outfits as I had planned. My stitching kept getting wonky. You get the idea. Let's just say there were many lessons learned.

Here is what I made my youngest niece.
1 outfit, a sleeping bag and pillow, and a mermaid (from the new Wee Wonderfuls book)


I also finished the apron that I cut out for her last Christmas. It matches the one I made her sister last year.


This is what I made her sister.
1 outfit, coat and boots, sleeping bag and pillow, pillowcase dress, and a mermaid


This is what I made my other niece, which is pretty much the same.


Here is what I made Harper.

I was able to use one of my old t-shirts and a pair of her old leggings for several outfits, which was nice.





Harper and her doll in their matching PJs on Christmas morning. This was by far the biggest hit. She loved that they were able to match.


At the moment I am a bit burnt out on sewing. I am sure it will pass, but for now I am giving my sewing machine a break.

Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone.


Maggie said...

So cute! I can't even imagine how long it took to make such tiny are a sewing wizard for sure!

MGF said...

I have no clue which is cuter. the doll and her matching outfits or the Apron.

carrie said...

I must not let Em see all of this clothing is so darn cute and her Elizabeth (American Girl) will be yearning for some new outfits...I can't imagine how hard it is too cut these little pieces out, but I'm sure the girls were thrilled.

Kimberly said...

Fantastic job as usual Jen! Love, love, love the matching jammies!!!

Christina said...

just look at all that doll clothing goodness! Amazing, I'd imagine itty bitty clothes like that are much more time consuming than big people stuff. and yet you still don't think you did enough?!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I'm always impressed w/your creations because you do so much of it from repurposing items.

I decided to make my daughter a doll for her birthday (next year) and I have until December. I like the matching outfit for doll and daughter that you made. I will have to be sure to do the same.

Joanna said...

My goodness, you are a sewing maniac!! Yes, Harper and the matching PJ's are by far the best. You're such a good Mommy!

annemarie Reyes said...

You Rock! My daughter would love having you as an Aunt :-) What pattern did you use? I am learning to sew and well stink at it LOL. WOuld love to make anyting for her. Any tips :-)

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