Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Destashing Has Begun

I spent all day Saturday going through all my fabric and piles of materials. I sorted, organized, and donated some things that I knew I would never use. It feels so good to have less stuff. I am not sure how long it will last, but as of right this minute all of my fabric is folded in an old dresser in the garage. This was long overdue. I hope it will help me to finish some of my projects. I know it will be a lot easier to find what I am looking for now.

Here's all my fabric.


Here's all my wool. It is a little scary. I also have a bin of vintage sheets, pillowcases and another with t-shirts and knit fabric. Then there is half a closet full of items waiting to be repurposed. This is after I got rid of tons of stuff. I clearly have a problem.


I want to list some scraps in my Etsy shop, but I haven't decided the best way to do it. I am thinking about just putting up a general listing for a flat rate box filled with scraps. Any thoughts?




I did find a little time to make some burp cloths and bibs for a friend. Hopefully my organization will pay off and I will get some good sewing done this week.

Happy Crafty Tuesday.
****edited to add- I now have some scraps for sale in the shop. ****


Stacy said...

Love the colors on those bibs and burp cloths - so cute!

Ah, the stash problem. I know it well. As of right now I have everything in my closet...mostly. I have a bunch of scraps from cutting that I want to use to fill floor pillows, but they are really unusable. I figured that was a good way to use them. In your case I would probably do the FRB filled with felted scraps. Not sure what I would price it at, though.

Cara said...

I love the bibs and burp cloths. Are you going to put those on you Etsy? What kind of closure does the bibs have?

Mindy said...

I would totally buy some scraps! Put them on etsy!

carrie said...

i suddenly don't feel so bad with my bins and tubs. :-)

i'm off to look at some scraps!! yeah!! you have great wool stuff.

MGF said...

Good for you to get some stuff organized. Your craft room looks spacious. That big table to so great

Christina said...

you have some great looking goodies there! I don't have a stash problem....but maybe that's because I don't do all the awesome crafting you do! I'd LIKE to have a stash problem!!

Maggie said...

Wow -- now that is a LOT of fabric!

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