Thursday, October 7, 2010

Team-Up Thursday- Fall

Cara and I played along with the group this week and took fall shots. I was a little worried that I would that I might not be able to find a good fall shot, but as I walked around the yard I saw a few glimpses of fall. I grabbed my 35 mm lens in hopes of getting some good bokeh. The light outside was magnificent and I wanted to take adavantage of it. I saw this pinecone and decided it would make the perfect fall photo.
Cara's shot is screaming fall to me. I love mums. What a wonderful shot. I also think the two photos looks very good together. I was actually surprised that neither one of us decided to go with a foliage shot.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall so far. To see more fall photos make sure to visit Mental Inventory.


Unknown said...

gorgeous! it looks like these two were meant to go together. i love the bokeh on yours pretty.

Christina said...

I love, LOVE this pairing! They go perfectly together, and your DOF and bokeh is simply magnificent.

Cara said...

I absolutely love your shot, I want to hang it on my wall. The DOF, the composition and that lovely bokeh. This is one of my favorites! I too think they went together fabulously.

HipMomma said...

Yep, the dof is perfect. What a lovely shot. The only time I see pinecones is at Michael's.

Kimberly said...

i love both the shots!

Megan said...

love, love the DOF in both. each is a simple focus, yet such a rich picture!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my word! goth shots are breathtaking. so inspiring. Thank you!

Joanna said...

Beautiful earthy tones in your shot Jen. Along with the great dof and nailed it this week! You both compliment each other wonderfully.

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