Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally Finished

I finally finished my last wholesale order and delivered it last week. I have to say I was hoping to feel more relieved, but I am still feeling like I made the right decision. Here are some (bad) photos of the coffee cozies.

Note to self: do not use a yellow pillowcase as a background for photos again.










I also made a reversible owl messenger bag along with some other goodies in case you missed it yesterday.

Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone!!


carrie said...

I'm using my green/red birdy cozy you made me is a chilly morning and my cup of coffee is hitting the spot perfectly (as does the birdy).

Maybe you will feel more relieved when you start to have time to do the projects you really want to do? Either way, I think you'll figure it out...and the cozys turned out great!

Stacy said...

As usual, they are adorable. I bet your customers are bummed that they don't have them to sell anymore, but your sanity is worth it. :)

Corey~living and loving said...

love them all. I think you will feel better and better about the decision as time marches on. :)

Christina said...

So totally worth it! I think the relief will come as you have time to work on your own personal projects or just enjoy your family.

The birdies are sooo precious!

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