Thursday, September 30, 2010

Technology- Team Up Thursday

This week Cara and I chose Technology as our theme. I carried my camera around all week hoping that something cool would jump out at me, but that didn't happen. Instead I took a shot of my ipod. I have been running for a few months now and have actually grown to enjoy it. I did not think I would ever utter those words. I use Nike + to track my runs. There is a sensor that attaches to your shoe and then you can use the app on your ipod to see how far you have gone, your pace, etc. It is a very cool piece of technology. Eventhough I know it is not 100% accurate, it helps to be able to see my progress. I am a lot slower than I would like to be, but I am making progress.

I guess Cara and I were on the same wavelength this week because she took a photo of her ipod too. Those ipod shuffles are amazing pieces of technology. That is for sure.

technology tut
Join in on the fun over at Mental Inventory.


Unknown said...

I love it! Being an "ALL APPLE, ALL THE TIME" house over here we have several iPods and I have the Nikefit too. I actually use my heartrate monitor/gps these days and it seems more accurate - but it is definitely an acquired love. I don't think you wake up loving it one day, but it does grow on you! :-)

Fun week...

Christina said...

what a great theme - so 21st century! ;o)Good for you for getting out there and running, and even enjoying it!

Joanna said...

Technology is a great theme. I like how one of you chose to lay it flat and the other to stand it up on its side. Who can live without an iPod these days?

Megan said...

yea you and your running! that is a fun theme-- one i wouldn't have thought to do -- imagine what the same theme will see 20 years from now!

Stacy said...

That is pretty cool how those gadgets work. I'm pretty sure I will never say I have done any running. Very little impact is the only way I can exercise.

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