Thursday, September 2, 2010

Selective Focus

This week Cara and I went with the group and did selective focus. I love the softness of Cara's shot. I am so drawn to the rippling edge of the leaf.

I cheated a little bit and used a shot I took last week. These are some brussel sprouts from our garden.

Selective Focus

For more great photos head on over to Mental Inventory.


bBchronicles said...

Ohhhh, these are really beautiful - love the muted colors. Wow, brussel sprouts from your garden?!? You must have nice warm weather! I love the theme, selective focus - sure some nice shots ladies!

Corey~living and loving said...

I love these for so many reasons......I am a huge fan of nature shots....I love all the green in this diptych. I really like the perspective for your shot.

Haley said...

Your pictures are really nice. What kind of camera do you use? What lenses? (I'm saving up for my first DSLR and whenever I see great pictures I wonder what the photographer is using) :)

Jen said...

Haley-there was no e-mail address connected to your account so I was not able to respond directly to you. If you check, I have a Nikon D60. I use the kit lens most of the time. This shot was taken with a 35mm 1.8 Nikon Lens. I hope that helps.

jillconyers said...

Great shots of selective focus. Beautiful shades of green.

Jessie said...

Both shots are beautiful. You know I have never tried brussel srouts?

Megan said...

so rich and green, both of them! love the nature vibe of the pair together.

Cara said...

I had fun with this theme. I love that yours was in your garden. I love brussel sprout, especially roasted! Mmmmmm!

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