Sunday, August 1, 2010

Destin Beach Trip- Part 1

We are back from a week at the beach. I always feel strange announcing to the world that we are going out of town. I know there are not too many people that read my blog, but still. That is why I have been MIA.

We went to Destin, Florida for some fun, sun, and relaxation. There was a tropical storm that caused some big waves the first few days, but the weather was great. The waves allowed for some good boogie boarding.



Miller did get in the water, which was an improvement from last year's beach trip.


He preferred to have someone holding onto him though. See that death grip he has on Mitch?


The beach is on the Gulf so we did see some tar balls. There were workers stationed at the beach cleaning up. In the photo below you can't really see any tar balls, just the workers looking for tar balls.


Here's a close-up of a tar ball. They were sticky and pretty nasty.


We also spent some time at the pool relaxing.


and swimming....

and taking photos of ourselves underwater.


It was really nice to have the waterproof point and shoot. I didn't have to worry about sand and water damaging my camera. I think all of the photos in this post were taken with the point and shoot too. Not too bad huh?


I have way too many photos to share so for my own sanity I am breaking it up into several posts. As you can tell from the photos, these are also SOOC. I will probably go back and edit some of the better shots later.

I will post some more of our adventures tomorrow.


MGF said...

Those creatures look so weird.

I so need to get a waterproof point and shot, since you like yours. What is yours?

carrie said...

So FUN!! It looks like a great vacation - and I love, love the underwater pics! We haven't even taken our u/w housing out this summer yet. Now I totally want to!

I'm so glad the oil spill didn't disrupt your vacation!

Christina said...

what an awesome time! Looks great. And that photo of Miller right at the edge of the water! WOW, love that SO much!!!

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