Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Introducing Hootie the Upcycled Owl

I know I promised a tutorial for this owl , but I decided to try to make it better. If you are interested in the pattern for the other owl, let me know. I can put the pattern pieces on

Now let's talk about Hootie. Hootie is made from some vintage sheet scraps I had, some corduroy, and more fabric scraps for the wings and legs. The pattern pieces are pretty small so it is a perfect way to use fabric scraps that you have around. I used felt only for the eyes, since most people will not have owl safety eyes readily available to them.

Hootie 5

Hootie 6

Hootie 4

Since making one was not enough, I also made a girlier version using a sweater and a vintage pillowcase. I used chenille and satin scraps for the wings. The sweater material was definitely stretchier. I used a sweater that did not felt very well. So the head ended up larger, but it still works.

Hootie 3

Here they are enjoying each other's company. They are best of friends already.

Hooties 2


I am putting the finishing touches on the pattern and tutorial, but couldn't resist showing you the finished product. This is my 498th post and I wanted the tutorial to be my 500th post. So I am thinking that will be next Monday. It will be a photo tutorial. Then I will post the pattern pieces on

Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Canoeing Adventure

We went on a little canoeing adventure yesterday. We decided to change it up a bit and canoe around a lake rather then down a river. That way we did not have to worry about where the car was going to be and where we would end up at the end of our trip. We envisioned nice calm water, some swimming, and fishing. The water was pretty choppy. At times it felt like we were in the ocean. The kids were pretty nervous about tipping, but we eventually found a nice cove and the water was calmer. We found a nice spot on an island and set up camp for the day.

We brought the point and shoot so the photos aren't the best quality. I am still adjusting to taking photos with it especially in the bright sun. Mitch took most of the shots though.


The kids each caught a fish.



Mitch caught a baby bass. It was a fiesty little guy.



Harper was hesitant to get in the water, but once she did she had a blast.


After much persuasion Miller joined in on the fun too.



He wouldn't let go of me though. He had a death grip around my neck. I had to convince him there were no sharks, alligators, or crocodiles in the lake, just fish (and maybe some snakes, but I didn't mention that...shhh.)

My arms are a little sore today from all that paddling, but not as sore as I thought they would be. We estimate that we paddled around a mile each way. We all slept well last night.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Team-Up Thursday- In Season

This week Cara and I chose In Season as our theme. We do have a tomato plant that is producing a few tomatoes in our yard, but none of our tomatoes looks as good and juicy as Cara's. I decided to take a photo of a plum that I picked up at the grocery store. There was a big sign displayed that said "In Season" . I took it as a sign.

in season
Join in on the fun over at Mental Inventory.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kids and Sewing

This weekend was spent destashing. I spent many hours sorting, cutting, and compiling piles of wool scraps. I would say I am about half way done with the wool. I don't even want to think about all the vintage sheets and pillowcases I need to sort through. I did get about 50 coffee sleeves cut out and 4 owls so I am pretty happy with the progress overall. Now I just need to decide what to do with the scraps. As of right now I have a laundry basket full of just scraps. Yikes.

Harper is becoming increasingly interested in sewing. When I sit down to sew or sort through piles of sweaters, she inevitably asks to sew something. I am glad that she is interested and I want her to learn how to sew, but it also requires quite a bit of supervision. Which ultimately means that if I say ok, she is now sewing and I am not. I am trying to embrace these moments. I know with a little patience she won't need my help any more and she will be making her own great creations.

Her first project was from this book. We used an old sock from one of my many piles. I ended up sewing some of it on the sewing machine and I let her do the stuffing and attaching of limbs. She also cut the pattern pieces out. She has since dressed the cat and I was too lazy to remove the clothing so that you get the full effect. I know you understand.


Her second project was this owl. She knew exactly what she wanted. She was trying to use her scissors to cut one of my wool sweaters, which was not working out for her at all. I let her raid my eco-felt stash and it worked much better. I traced the owl pattern onto the felt for her and she cut out the pieces. I did cut the feet and eyes out for her though. She snagged the peace sign from my work in progress stash. I thought it turned out cute. She was upset that you could see the stitches. She has been sleeping with all the owls in the house every night. I think it is pretty cute that she has grown fond of owls. Guess it runs in the family.


I did manage to make two more composition notebook covers for a custom order. You can find the original Zippy Art Purse Tutorial here. I recently added some of my tutorials to scribd. I am experimenting with it so let me know if you have any troubles.





I am working on the pattern and tutorial for this owl and possibly another variation too. I am hoping to have it ready to celebrate my 500th post, which is 5 posts from now.

Happy Crafty Tuesday.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Since I can't have a post without photos and I had no new photos to share, I dug through the archives for this one. Look at how little Miller is in this photo?
I just thought I would pop in and share a few of my favorite crafty links that I have stumbled upon lately. Just in case you didn't already have enough on your to do list.
See you tomorrow for Crafty Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Team-Up Thursday-Mirror

This week Cara and I chose mirror as our theme. We were definitely on the same wavelength. Apparently we spent way too much time in our cars this week.

Cara's photo is so well composed and so interesting. I love how the road curves in the mirror and you can see the line of cars. I also love how the reflection is so clear.

My shot was taken right before I got out of my car to walk into work. You can see the door to my office in the reflection. It has been raining like crazy the last few days so I focused in on the raindrops.


Join in on the fun over at Megan's.

Miller and the Forgotten Owl

I was driving to work yesterday morning and I remembered that I had also finished this owl over the weekend. I totally forgot to include it in my Crafty Tuesday post. Since I have not picked up my camera all week, I decided to have a little photo session on the front porch while we waited for Harper's bus to arrive.


You may remember (or probably not) the faceless owl hanging around in this post. For some reason, I decided to finish the owl this weekend. It took all of 10 minutes to finish so who knows why it took me 9 months to do? Harper promptly claimed the owl, but I think the terms might be negotiable. She likes to play with the owls that were in Stuffed Magazine. She was playing with the owls and realized that this one was missing something. First she wanted her to have earrings. Then she changed her mind and decided a peace sign would be better. So a peace sign it was. I really liked how it all came together. Maybe I should post the pattern or tutorial. What do you think?

Since I had my camera out and my adorable son was outside with me, I snapped a couple shots of him too. He sure can try my patience and warm my heart all at the same time. How is that possible? Maybe it is those beautiful blue eyes?


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All Work and No Play

This week was all about checking things off my list. I still did not get as much accomplished as I would have liked, but I guess that is always going to be the case. My lovely husband entertained the kids most of the day on Sunday so I could catch up on sewing. I was able to get 3 out of 5 orders completed.

It's been awhile since I made this many cozies in one sitting. It was very exhausting. I definitely prefer doing them in small batches, but I was glad to be able to check it off my list.


Another owl was finished.

I also made these cell phone holders.


Hopefully this week will be as productive.

Happy Crafty Tuesday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Team-Up Thursday- School

This week Cara and I chose school as our theme. Harper's first day of first grade is today so we thought it would be an appropriate theme. I immediately though school supplies since we had a whole pile of them laying around. I really wanted to get a shot of Harper writing in one of her new first grade notebooks, but I thought that might not be the best idea. I guess I should have bought an extra one for us to practice at home.
Cara's school shot is awesome. What a grande building! This is where her boys attend daycare.

Since we are talking about the first day of school, here's Harper posing for me with her new backpack on. She's a little excited.

Yep, she is now a 1st grader.

It is amazing how much stuff can fit into that backpack.

I wanted to get a shot of both the kids together. Harper's response was "Ok, but Miller don't touch me." Yeah, the photo speaks for itself.

"Ummm, I don't like my brother."

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Sewing

This week was all about birthday gifts. Today is my niece's 2nd birthday and my brother's girlfriend's birthday. Happy Birthday Callie & Whitney!!!!

Harper also had a birthday party on Saturday she attended for a classmate. I decided to make a combination of my zippy art purse and composition notebook cover.
Next time I think I will add the handles. It really does make it eaasy to carry around.

It's basically a larger version of the zippy art purse with no handles. Here are the measurements in case anyone is interested.
11.5" x 17"- 1 exterior piece, 1 interior piece, 1 piece of flannel
11.5" x 14"- inside pocket (the one above was a little too small so this measurement makes the pocket larger)
11.5" x 4"- top of zipper
11.5" x 12- bottom of zipper
If you want to make the compostion cover like this one, just make two inside pockets and disregard the zipper pocket measurements.
This is what I made for my sweet little niece. It is a bear backpack.
Inside view.
I made this little pouch to match the purse I made for Whitney for graduation. Instead of interfacing, I attached the flannel piece to the exterior piece with lines of sewing to make a quilted look. It added just enough body so that it is not too flinsy or too stiff.

I used the tutorial by Noodlehead for the pouch.
Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone.

I am linking up to this post for the Tea Rose Home Link Party.


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