Thursday, July 22, 2010


This week Cara and I chose home as our theme. We both had visions of outdoor shots on the patio or in the yard, but both ended up with completely different shots.
Cara photographed the home key on her keyboard. How creative is that? I love those sweet little kid fingers too.
I photographed a photo wall we constructed last weekend. I have grand plans to actually put photos in frames, but I want to collect them from thrift stores and paint them. So it will be awhile before it is completed. In the meantime I ran two wires along the wall and we used clothespins to attach the photos and drawings. The kids were very excited to arrange the photos and to see their drawings hanging on the wall. I love that we can easily change out the photos or artwork. It is so fun to put these type of personal touches in our home. Afterall that is what makes it feel like home, right?

home dip
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Jessie said...

We have that same set up in our playroom minus actual photographs. Good luck getting your frames. I gave up the quest and took the extra 25% q from Michaels and bought ours last year :) I would have never thought to do the home key. Perfect!

HipMomma said...

You are so right. What a great idea. I actually bought the wire to do that behind my computer and I have yet to get it done. I actually haven't even printed out a photo in such a long time! Inspiring.

Unknown said...

I LOVE it, Jen! Cool pic and a very cool idea! You might like it so much you don't ever finish the frames!

Cara said...

I love that originally we both had the same idea but in the end we both had our kids in the shot.

I like the wire with the clothes pins, it's such a cool idea.

MGF said...

Love the wire photo display.
We display our kids art work in their rooms this way

Amy Jo said...

What a great idea with the photos on a wire! I'll have to give it a try.

Stacy said...

Both are great takes on the theme. :)

Love your photo wall! That is a great idea. I have a whole tub full of pictures in frames that I need to spray paint and redo. I orginally bought them all mismatched and I'm not loving that anymore. Not sure when THAT is going to get redone...maybe wintertime. I at least need to spray paint them before the weather turns cold.

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