Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The To Do List Is A Little Bit Shorter

I actually have a little bit of craftiness to show after a long, productive weekend. I finally finished my pending wholesale order that took way too long to finish.


Then I finished my sister-in-law's birthday present. I made her a Buttercup Purse, like the one I made myself a couple of months ago. I enlarged the Buttercup Purse pattern and added a recessed zipper. The tutorial I found online was very confusing, but I somehow figured it out. Now I want to create a clearer tutorial on how to do this. Why is it one thing gets crossed off the list and something else is just added in its place?


Here's a close-up of the flower. I made it a pin so it is detachable.


See I told you I put in a recessed zipper.


There's a little pocket inside too.


I also labeled everything in my craft center. So now there are no excuses for misplaced items. I used chalkboard contact paper and my trusty die cutting machine. The contact paper is really cool. I have had it for awhile and was excited to finally use it.


Since I was obviously all about getting things done this weekend and Harper asks me at least once a day when I am going to finish her cape, I finished the capes that have been cut out for weeks now.


Miller requested a Batman cape.


I really planned on getting shots of the kids modeling their new capes, but instead we spent the evening in the ER.


Yes, that red stuff you can barely see on the sides is my husband's flesh.


My husband has been working on a Fairy House for Harper for a long time now. This is his second trip to the ER. It has turned out to be a very painful and expensive project.

I hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day Weekend.

Happy Crafty Tuesday!!


carrie said...

OMG..where to begin? First of all - I can't believe it is the 2nd ER trip? That is going to be a spectacular fairy house!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the purse. You did a great job on that one! And the removable pin is so clever and sweet.

The capes! They turned out so great! I had a lady call a week ago and ask if I could do 15 capes for a birthday party...this weekend.
Um. No. I can say "no" - SEE??

I know what you mean about the to do list, though. As soon as one gets crossed off, you have to add at least two more things! I hope it is a good crafty week for you.

Kimberly said...

Your craft station looks so nice! Great job on the purse and capes. Your poor hubby! I bet that project is going to be fantastic in the end!!!

Cheryl said...

Can you meet me in Texas and gussy up my craft area? Thanks! What wonderful projects. I absolutely LOVE the purse!
Hope you will check out my 'Crafty Tuesday' post.

Jami said...

LOVE the capes! especially the batman one! :)

Christina said...

OUCH, that tumb! Yikes. I hope the fairy house is worth it.

Your craft space looks awesome! Lots of great stuff and so well organized - you'll cut project time in half, just because you know exactly where to find everything you need.

Love that purse!! you find such great fabrics.

Stacy said...

So very much creativity and craftiness from you this week! I guess you are making up for me not touching my machines for a few weeks, right?

That chalkboard contact paper is very cool indeed. I will have to be on the lookout for that. Great use of it!

Sorry about your hubby...ouch! At least it is all in the pursuit of making his child happy.

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