Tuesday, June 8, 2010

T-Shirt to Cardigan Refashion Take 2

I just barely squeezed this one in on time for Crafty Tuesday. It was a slow week and lazy weekend for me. I did manage to make favors for Harper's birthday party on Friday, but that will have to wait until next week.

I found two of the same shirts in different sizes at Target on clearance. I usually like to refashion with thrifted or items headed to Goodwill, but I couldn't pass up this deal. I have had this idea in mind for awhile and was waiting for the perfect t-shirts. These were super lightweight so I knew they would be perfect for summer.
This is what I was going for. Anthropologie is my go to site for inspiration.

anthro cardigan

I did take photos so I will post a tutorial some time this week. From start to finish it took me about an hour and that was taking time to photograph each step.


The cardigan can be worn open for a casual breezy look.


Or pinned to the side for a more structured look. I think it would look cute with a belt like this one. It's on my to-do list. I even have all the supplies.

It turned out a little longer than I would have liked, but I wanted to use the existing hemline and the base shirt was a XXL.

This week was mostly spent thinking about things I could or should make. I have started doodling ideas in a notebook that I carry with me. I am hoping this helps me to actually make these ideas a reality. I think part of the problem is I read way too many inspiring blogs. There are so many talented ladies out there in blogland. The other problem is of course time. I am trying really hard to focus on one small project at a time. Thinking about all of the things I want to do or need to do makes me just shut down and do nothing at all. Which is no good.

Since I am obviously chatty today I wanted to share a couple of links with you. I recently came across this blog called New Dress A Day. She is refashioning thrift store finds every day for a year and only spending $ 1 a day. How cool is that? I don't think I could pull off half the outfits she comes up with, but it is still inspirational.

I am sure many of you read the Angry Chicken blog so you probably have already seen this, but for those that didn't I thought I would share. This site allows you to turn your blog into a book (or books). Of course it would cost me about $114 just to compile my first year of blogging, but you can also download it as a pdf. I am seriously considering doing this. It might even motivate me to blog more.

So what blogs inspire or sites you?

Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone!!!


Stacy said...

Very cute, Jen! I love browsing Anthropologie, too. So many cute things that you can make for a pittance of their prices.

I have thought about printing out my blog, too, but that would me going back and redoing all the pictures that are wacked in the first few years and I just don't have time for that. Maybe I could do the last few years?? Pricey though. :/

J-ROK said...

Love that cardigan! Especially the drapey neck. Humbly impressed, only SLIGHTLY motivated ;) ~the Lazy Green Mama

carrie said...

THat is great! I adore Anthro...and for just a few dollars to have something so very cool. I can't wait for the tutorial.

Jamie did my first year of my blog through Blurb and it was much cheaper and (he claims!) pretty easy to do. I love my book, it is so fun to go back and read through...and I have a hard copy...God forbid.

I love the New Dress A Day site, too!

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