Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ruffle Tank for Me

This week I finally finished a tank top I have been wanting to jazz up for months now. I used some lightweight knit that I got in the remnant bin at Joann's to add some random ruffles. I am lovin' that this is in style right now because it is so easy. I want to ruffle everything now. My husband snapped this photo really fast as we were rushing out the door to go to my brother's birthday party. I REALLY need to work on my modeling skills. Yikes. I tried cropping it so that my head was not in the photo, but decided that the unflattering expression was better than being headless.

Ruffle Tank

Here is a close-up of the tank top all pinned up. I sewed these two rows on first.


Then decided it needed a couple of more rows.


I also finally got around to making this belt. Although I did not get around to photographing it.
I know I said I was taking the summer off, but it is hard to resist making these little guys. I have been brainstorming on a couple of new owl patterns. I will have to see if any ideas stick.


I was trying to find a good spot to photograph. Miller thought it would be funny to stick his head into the shot. Very funny little stinker.


I am still putting the garden toolbelt tutorial together. I hope to have it up tomorrow.

Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone.


Stacy said...

That tank looks great on you, Jen! I have a ruffly shirt up today, too. I love that it is so easy to throw some ruffles on an ordinary looking shirt and it really jazzes it up.

Love your adorable owls, too. :) Miller is a funny little stinker. ;)

carrie said...

AND so very economical! The ruffle tanks and shirts are so the rage right now...I love yours. I want to go ruffle something up, now.

And LOVE your new owls. Are they going in the store? I might need a new little friend for Owly on the top of my desk now that our room is freshly painted.

Cara said...

I love Miller in the shot! And the owls, do you have them on your Etsy site?
That tank is great. I just bought a t-shirt with ruffles on in (from Target) and the whole time I was thinking..."Jen could totally make this." I even tried to find a couple of long sleeve T's to try your light weight cardigan tutorial- no luck.

Golightly said...

I simply adore the owls!! Me want! (actually I need to try the art purse tutorial I finally received from you - I'll keep you posted on that one.) I made other stuff though...yes, I'd be patting myself on the back if I could.

I'm not a ruffles kinda girl all the time, but your tank is adorable!

Corey~living and loving said...

really cute tank. :) I'm into ruffles too, but didn't add any to my latest project. come on by to see it. :)

have a great wednesday.

Kimberly said...

i love the tank. and i adore those owls!

Christina said...

love the tank Jen, it looks terrific on you! I always love your owls - I think their my fave of the things you make!


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