Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reversible Garden Toolbelt Tutorial

Garden Toolbelt
Grab a pair of old jeans and let's make a garden toolbelt. I used a pair of women's jeans, but any size will work.

Cut the legs of the jeans off like so.

Then cut straight up the middle on the other side of the seam.

I also cut up the side removing the fly, but leaving the belt loop. I just forgot to take a photo.

Then I trimmed the bottom and sides to make them all straight.

Use a cup or glass to round the corners.

Then take a scrap piece of material and fold it in half. Make sure it is big enough to cover the blue jean piece.

Fold it in half wrong sides facing each other.

Top stitch along the folded edge.

Place the folded edge right below the belt of the jeans. Pin in place. This will create the apron side.

Top stitch starting right below the belt where you pinned the apron piece. You don't want to sew the opening for the belt closed. Sew all the way around using the blue jean piece as a guide. I just lined up my foot on the edge of the blue jeans.

You can see in the photo above where I started and stopped sewing. Trim the apron piece so that both pieces are even all the way around.

Sew a line down the middle of the two pieces to create two pockets on the apron side. I sewed with the blue jean side up so that I wouldn't run into anything that might break my needle. I also used a denim needle for sewing the toolbelt.
Decide if you want the apron side or blue jean side in front. Then thread a belt through the opening in the top of the jeans.


Garden Toolbelt Callie
Who's ready for some gardening or at least some gummy worm eatin'?


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