Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Running, Fishing, and Gymnastics

+++++WARNING+++++Parental Boasting will occur multiple times in this post.

For several weeks, Harper has been anticipating her mile run (which actually ended up being a half mile) at school. Let me to tell you she is one competitive little girl. The day before the race they ran during gym class. Harper ran so hard that she felt like she was going to be sick and had to visit the nurse. I tried to convince her that she didn't have to run full speed the whole entire time, but I could not convince her that pacing herself was a good idea. The day of the race we went to the school to watch her in action. She started in the second group of kindergarteners and steadily passed her classmates. She was the very first kindergartener to finish. I was so proud of her determination.

Yes, her shoelaces are untied and she is holding her headbands.


My proud little runner finishes school in less than 2 weeks, which means I will have a 1st grader. Can you believe it?

Miller has been asking to go fishing for several months now so we ventured out on Sunday for a relaxing day of fishing.


This is Miller's smile. Very natural looking don't you think?


It was actually cool out and felt like Spring.


I love this photo of my two favorite men. Cheesy grin and all.

Harper has been taking gymnastics all year long. Halfway through she was ready to quit and really wanted to take karate. We encouraged her to stick with it. At some point during the year something clicked and she has mastered everything they were teaching in her class. During the end of the year evaluation, the coach asked if she would be interested in the development team. Of course Harper was SO, SO excited, but this means 2.5 hours of practice each week. Yikes. That is a big commitment. We are going to try it for the summer and see how it goes.

Have I mentioned that I sure do love those two kids of mine?


Christina said...

Lots of reason to be a very proud mama! Wow, Harper sure does have some major drive. Go girl! I loooove Miller's grin, too. He's still little enough that the fake smile it cute. :o)

Run Lori Run said...

What a pose that is, how cute!


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