Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pouch Problems

This week's Crafty Tuesday is brought to you by my latest obsession with sewing pouches. I have a serious zipper pouch problem right now. I am sure it will pass just as fast, but for now I am just embracing it. I had this brainstorm for a zipper ruffly pouch made from an old pair of jeans. It did not turn out the way I envisioned it at all. It looks like a little mini skirt. Yikes. Why is it those ideas always seem much better when they are in my head?


Since I was not really satisfied with my first pouch, I had to have another go at it. I dug out a vintage pillowcase from my stash. I am realizing I have a bit of a pillowcase fetish, but that is a topic for another day. This time I went with a different sort of ruffle. It turned out ok, but I used a felted wool sweater for the lining to give it some body and it just doesn't feel right. The coloring for the denim purse is off in the photo below, but the pillowcase pouch looks ok. I was too lazy to try to fix it in photoshop.


On a more positive note, I actually made myself start knocking out my pending orders.


I finished this bib and burp cloth set late last week. Then Mitch was kind enough to take the kids to the park for a long bike ride so I had the house to myself Saturday morning. I was able to get all the coffee sleeves cut out and assembled. I was able to also sew an owl. Now I just need to sit down and applique the sleeves and put the finishing touches on the owl. Oh, and also finish the third pouch that I have cut out. Hopefully this one will turn out better than the first two. Working for an hour every day worked well last week so that is the goal for this week as well. Wish me luck.

Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone.


Stacy said...

I think they are both cute, but yes it does look a bit like a denim miniskirt. Still cute!

Those bibs are so cute! Great job on them.

Nothing for me this week. My internet is down at home and we were busy planting/landscaping anyways. I'm taking a few days off work this week to bang out some projects and home cleaning, so I hope to be productive. Which I probably will be with my Internet down. ;)

Run Lori Run said...

Love the bibs, did you line with terrycloth? I don't know how to sew zippers yet, that is on my to-learn list. :-)

carrie said...

I think the pouches are adorable! I just finished some burpcloths is baby season again! I love your colors and the bibs, too!

I totally skipped CT this week - if you couldn't tell. :-) I'll be back next week!


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