Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Lickety Split Bag

Can you tell I REALLY like making these bags? This one was a gift for my brother's girlfriend. She just graduated from nursing school. Congratulations Whitney!! We are all so proud of you. You are going to make a great nurse.

Lickety Split Bag

It was hard for me to part with this one. I fell in love with this fabric and thought it would be perfect for Spring. I do have some leftover so maybe I can squeeze something out of it for myself.

I finished an owl last week, but once again forgot to take a photo. It was a cute one too. I could have sworn I took a photo, but I looked through my SD card and there were no owl photos. Hmmm? I worked on a wholesale order some last week too, but it is slow goin'. I am having a really hard time with coffee cozies lately. I also did not take a photo of the completed third pouch from last week. It was better, but still not quite right.

My major project this weekend was reorganizing a cabinet with all the craft stuff. I still need to label everything and then I will take a photo. We stayed up way too late watching Lost on Sunday night, so after I catch up on my sleep I plan to knock out my wholesale order. Then I am taking the summer off. I have too many personal projects calling to me.

Happy Crafty Tuesday!!


carrie said...

I'm loving your lickety split bag, too! I have one cut out to zip up and send to a is on "the stack."

I think taking the summer off sounds like a fantastic idea! Oh the projects you could get done!!

Christina said...

oooh, I love that one! The fabric combo is so fresh and cheerful and happy, it makes me smile!

And good for you for taking the summer off!

Run Lori Run said...

You have a great eye for fabric combos. Love the bag, I'd hate to part with it to!


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