Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plantable Paper

I did a little bit of sewing this week, but I am going to hold it until next week. Instead I thought it would be appropriate to share a craft in honor of Earth Day. Last year we were at Disney World for Earth Day so I did not get to plan anything. The year before we did coffee ground fossils here is a photo of what ours looked like. This was pretty fun. I am thinking about doing them again since the kids are a little older.

This year I thought we would make some plantable paper to give to the kids teachers and maybe save some for Mother's Day gifts. I saw the idea over at Alpha Mom and knew that my kids would love this project. I took a bunch of pictures so I could show you my process. I changed a couple of things around, but the process is pretty much the same.

Harper had SO much fun doing this project. After a couple of times, she could do it without my help. She probably spent 2-3 hours working on the paper. I didn't count how many that we made, but we made a ton. Plus we still have about half of the soggy paper left.

After we were done, Harper turned to me and said, "Mom how do you know how to do all this cool stuff?" I told her that I saw the directions on the internet. She said, "When I am a mom I am going to do this with my kids." This conversation made all the prep and mess well worth it.


I created a flickr set with my step by step instructions.

Plantable Paper Tutorial
If you missed it, I posted my Birthday Crown Tutorial yesterday.
Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone.


Stacy said...

Wow, that is very cool! You are such a good mom, in getting these projects put together for your kids. :) A perfect project for Earth Day. I'll be happy if we can just go on a walk and pick up random trash. ;)

carrie said...

You rock! I want to be a mom like that when I grow up, too! :-)

I love the flickr is easier than a pdf, I'm sure? I have to make a crown soon, too...

HipMomma said...

That IS very cool. Hmm, I might be stealing it. Don't you love it when they compliment you like that?

Dawn said...

Super cool! Love that Harper wanted to do this for hours...great tutorial too!!

Christina said...

You ROCK, Jen! I mean seriously, big time. This is sooo cooool! And for Harper to say that makes it all so very worth it. I want to be a mom like you!


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