Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Longer Missing in Action

I have officially resurfaced after a much needed Spring Break. We headed 3.5 hours east to Sevierville and Gatlinburg for a little family vacation. We had a blast. It was so nice to be away and unplugged for a week. I am still going through photos so I will post some soon.

I have not found too much time for crafting, but have a couple of things to show today. We spent Saturday cleaning out the garage so my sewing area is all clean and somewhat organized. Now I just need to get busy and use up my overabundance of materials.

Here is a cell phone holder that I made for a custom order.


I made myself these yoga pants from an men's XL t-shirt. It was super simple. If I make another pair I think I will make them shorter though. I used this tutorial.



The last thing that I made was a crown for my niece's 4th birthday. I took tons of photos so I hope to have a tuorial up for next week.


Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone!!


Stacy said...

Love it! Great job on those yoga pants, they look so comfy. I made a pair this weekend, too! Great minds think alike LOL!

Can't wait to see the crown tutorial. That is really cute, and looks like she loved it. :)

carrie said...

OH..I really like those yoga pants! I want to try that one. I had a crown cut out for my birthday girl, too! Didn't quite get made, though. Ah well...another birthday is around the corner, I'm sure it will get used!!

I'm glad you had a good spring break with the is so nice to get away. I hope the relaxing effect lasts all week! :-)

Dawn said...

Yay for vacations!! Glad you got some R&R!

Super cool pants and I can't wait for the crown tutorial!!


Christina said...

welcome back! and oooh, those yoga pants - looks sooo comfy!

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