Thursday, February 25, 2010

Self Portraits

This week's theme for Team-Up Thursday was Self Portraits. It's been awhile since I have taken any photos of myself so I was actually looking forward to the challenge. Since the weather was so nice on Saturday, I ventured outside with my remote and tripod and shot away. I tried various locations and poses. I felt like I was taking Senior pictures all over again. Then I jumped off this log 1 million times. Ok, maybe it was less than that, but I did work up a good sweat. I finally got one shot of me in the air without my fat roll hanging out of my sweater. I swear I tried jumping and not making that crazy open mouth face and I just couldn't do it. Maybe one day if I am feeling brave I will post some of my outtakes. They are pretty hilarious. Now look at Cara's gorgeous photo. I love the softness of the photo and how the light highlights her face. Quite a contrast from mine. Don't you think?

Cara & Jen

Since I took a gazillion photos, I will share the runner-ups. They aren't as fun. My son actually asked me why I looked so mad. Hopefully that means I don't always have this look on my face.


See there's a little smile.



Now that I look at this photo again I do look like I am giving the camera the stink eye.

Since I am sharing photos I have to show you some of the kids. They were very intrigued with my photo session and decided I needed to take photos of them as well. I was going to wait and make a whole separate post for these photos, but thought they would go better all together.

There was a photo that I took of myself where I was leaning my head back, but I couldn't bring myself to post that photo. You can look at this one instead.


Action shots...



Glamour shots.....


Lovely, huh?


Hey Mom. Is my head in the shot? Very clever way of making sure his sister isn't getting all the attention, right?


Thanks Megan and Melody for making us take Self Portraits this week. It was fun!!

Jump on over to Team-Up Thursday at Megan's blog.


HipMomma said...

OK, I'd say you could have used any of those as they are all great. But I'm glad you choose the jumping one. I love the feeling of it and I love how it matches perfectly with Cara's close up. Jumping and photo-ing with a remote seems tricky but you nailed it.

Also love that you added your kiddos too. My girls were very interested in why I was taking pics of myself.

Killlashandra said...

I love all those jumping off the log shots. What great action and no blur. Super cool. Your comment about taking senior pictures is too funny. ;) Your self portrait shots turned out great!

Joanna said...

That is so funny that you could not jump off the log without opening your mouth! I could see myself doing the same thing...over and over again. The shots of you sitting down and posing look great too. Glad you showed the ones of the kids. I let Ella fire the remote on a couple of mine.
Cara's is so soft and beautiful. Great job this week!

Stacy said...

Yeah, I agree with Melody...any of those would have been great. :) I do love the jumping shot, though. LOL at the kids! Oh yes, they love to get in on the action, don't they?

Kimberly said...

Your post makes me smile. I love the energy of your shot, and I laughed out loud at the fact that you couldn't not make the open mouth face when jumping. Such fun. :)

Oh, and anytime I try to "pose" serious or "romantic" looking, I always look like a bit angry. Must watch more Tyra apparently. :)

noodle and lou said...

so fun! i want to go find a log and jump around:):)

Cara said...

I love the jumping shot and the story make it even greater. I too look like I am giving the camera the "stink eye" when I try to be serious. I am with Kimberly, must watch more Tyra and learn to SMIZE!
I love the kids shot too, looks like you all had a great time.

Megan said...

although you do look gorgeous in the "still" shots, that jumping one seems to have captured your personality so much more effectively. love it. and kudos on getting one in focus -- that's super tough!

carrie said...

I do like the "non-mad" looking one on the log - but the one you ultimately chose is perfect! I love the action, mouth open jumping shot. I think it captures your personality (or what I imagine you are like!).

And I like the close vs. far, soft vs. sharp of you and Cara's shot together, too!

Amy Jo said...

I say bring on the out takes! The ones you posted are quite nice, and the kids are cute, but I'm always up for a laugh!

Melissa G said...

I loooove your jumping shot - such fun! And the two together are great. So light-hearted!

Christina said...

Oh Jen, you are so much fun and your shots capture that perfectly! I love that you chose to go with the jumping shot - open mouth and all! I have a feeling I couldn't jump without making that face,'s instinct! So fun to see you and the kiddos posting, too.

Run Lori Run said...

Taking self portraits is a very brave thing to do especially when you are used to being the one behind the camera. I like the jumping one but I like the others too!

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