Monday, February 22, 2010

Best Shot Monday- Gathering

We had incredibly awesome weather this weekend. The sun was shining and the temperatures creeped into the mid 60's. We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and headed to Bowie Nature Park. The Cottons joined us, which made it even more fun. It felt good to be able to shoot some photos outside and it's always nice to have different subjects to photograph. This little stinker literally runs away from me when she sees me coming with the camera. She has the most gorgeous eyes, but usually refuses to look at me. I managed to convince her to let me photograph her collection of pine cones though.

Bree Pine Cones

I took tons of shots over the weekend, but for some reason these two together are my favorites. I loved how she collected all sorts of little things as we hiked. Her pockets were full and so were her hands. It was the perfect way to spend Saturday morning.

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Jaimee said...

Oh, I am so jealous! We haven't had warm weather like that forever - or if we haven, I've been cooped up inside because of sickness! Can't wait until we get out of winter temps and into SPRING! I love spending time outside!

Gorgeous pics too - love the colors of the sweatshirt and how it compliments the pine cones!

carrie said...

sounds like the perfect way to unwind and spend a little time together over a weekend! i think jaimee is right, it is the color of the sweatshirt and pine cones, but the cool peeks of color from the tee, jeans and rocking bracelet!

Killlashandra said...

Sounds like an excellent time. It's nice when the weather cooperates for an outing. :) I like the pine cone shots. Collect enough of them and you can make wreath out of them.

Christina said...

The perfect way to spend a Saturday - oh yes indeed! it's just a little bit crazy tho that you are getting way warmer weather then us down here. I'm ready for some of that. I can imagine her looking back on these pictures of her collection many years from now and smiling.

Kimberly said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

bekkah said...

A wonderful diptych and very cute bracelet! My 3 yr old daughter loves to collect pinecones and acorns :)

So glad you were able to go out and enjoy the day!

Joanna said...

Ella loves to make "collections". Pine cones, rocks, flowers, you name it. Its so nice to enjoy the fresh air. We have been in the upper 30'sand the crisp refreshing air has been wonderful rather than being cooped up. Can wait for some of your warm weather! I can tell she has beautiful eyes from the second shot here. She's adorable.

Amy Jo said...

Lovely lovely lovely. I'm so jealous of your weather. We're still knee deep in snow.


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