Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Art Purse

I did absolutely no sewing last week. The weather was gorgeous this weekend so there was no craftiness going on at our house this weekend either. Yesterday afternoon some sort of crafty bug hit me and I decided to make an art kit for a birthday party we are going to this weekend. I finished it up last night so I actually have something to show for Crafty Tuesday.



Birthday presents for the kid's classmates are always a challenge for me. I don't know the kids very well. I don't want to just buy them junk, but I also don't want to invest too much time into making something. I have been thinking about this little art purse for awhile, but have not been able to sort it all out until yesterday afternoon. I sat down and drew out a plan then did some measuring and it all fell into place. It is the perfect size for a toddler. The pocket is just big enough for a 5 x 7 notebook.

I took pictures and jotted down measurements so that I can make a tutorial. Plus we just received another invitation today for another birthday party. So I think I will make at least a couple more to work out any kinks and make sure I have good photos.

Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone!!!


carrie said...

Those are absolutely perfect "classmate gifts" as you say! And every kid loves an art kit. I will be happy to testdrive your tutorial for you... :-) Although...zippers. Scary.

I love the contrasting polka lots, too!

Killlashandra said...

Cute idea. I like the inside pocket. Definitely should make cute gifts for kiddos. :) And I don't blame you for spending time out doors in nice weather one bit.

Stacy said...

LOVE IT! Yes, you definitely need to do a tutorial. That is a great birthday gift for a little girl, and not a piece of plastic junk that won't see much use.

Christina said...

that is so very bright and cheerful - and perfect for little hands! Love it. I perked up at the mention of the tutorial, too. Yes please!

Cheryl said...

I want one! I need something to carry my copy of 'Wreck This Journal' around in. I envy those who sew.

Jaimee said...

What a great idea! That's adorable!

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