Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Heart Klean Kanteens

Yesterday I posted about the Klean Kanteen cozies that I made for a shop in Princeton, NJ. I didn't really think about the fact that some of you might not know about Klean Kanteens. Klean Kanteen's are a reusable water bottle made from stainless steel. They are BPA and toxin free. You can read more about them here. We own several and they are by far our favorite. The kids prefer the Thermos Funtainers, but look at how cute this one is....

You can get this version at Greenfeet. They also have Halloween ChicoBags , which would be perfect for trick or treating.

You can get sippy cup adapters for the little ones (12 oz) and also sports caps. A bit of warning about the sports caps though, they whistle. The exterior of the bottle gets pretty cold for little hands so the cozies keep the hands warm and add a bit of insulation. They are now selling wide mouth versions too. They are a little pricey, but they are a high quality product.


carrie said...

yeah! we love klean kanteens, but i haven't seen the teenie weenie! that is too, too cute!

your cozies must look just awesome over these!

Dawn said...

We got rid of all of our non-BPA bottles a long time ago and I really want to get some SS but we have so many good plastic ones....maybe someday and then I can get a cozie too! :)

laura said...

a student of mine told me if you place your finger over the white little piece of plastic while drinking from the sport cap it doesn't squeak - and he's right! try it!

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