Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cozy Crazy

My goal for last week was to have both my wholesale orders completed by today. I finished my last Klean Kanteen cozy last night. So I accomplished my goal. Yippee. Now I have an owl to finish and one more wholesale order to finish. I have already started the owl and I think the other wholesale order will go faster. I am already thinking about Christmas so hopefully I will find a little bit of time to make some goodies for my shop.

KK Cozies


Here's more photos of my coffee sleeves:

Here's more photos of my Klean Kanteen cozies:

I am trying to be more organized with my photos. Goodwill had their half price sale on Saturday so I also racked up on sweaters. Here's a glimpse of some of my new sweaters.

Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone.


Stacy said...

Wow, you have been super busy! All your cozies look great! Love your Klean Kanteen ones, too. Great add to your product line. :)

I keep on meaning to go to Goodwill to pick up some stuff to repurpose, but have yet to find time to run over there. If it isn't in my town I have a hard time running around trying to get to other areas.

Dawn said...

Those are so cool! So happy you are getting orders and those canteen holders are scrumptious! :)

Kimberly said...

The canteen holders look cool! I would have never thought to make something for one of those. Great idea. Nice selection of new sweaters to work with!

carrie said...

LOVE them. Love the ALL. But of course I am particular to the birdies! And the stripes and birdies! Eeee...even cuter!

I just realized that J. put some sweaters in the Goodwill pile - I'm going to go fish them out and figure out what to use them for! Do you just felt them in the dryer??

Christina said...

GoodNESS you are prolific - and you do this on top of being a wife and mother and working fulltime. wow.

Jaimee said...

LOVE those canteen holders!

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