Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recycled Bottle Top Stamps


It was rainy and dreary out on Saturday. The kids were getting stir crazy so I decided we would do a craft. I took some plastic tops from drink containers in our recycle bin. I grabbed some craft foam that we had leftover from another project and we made stamps. Initially I used the glue in the picture below, but the kids wanted to use the stamps immediately so I pulled out my glue gun. The glue gun worked much better.


Harper drew directly on the foam and then I cut the designs out for her. Miller told me what he wanted and I cut them out for him. He then helped me clue the shapes to the tops. I made a couple for myself. I used a pencil to make indentions in the foam to add a little more detail.


We used washable ink pads, but I am sure paint would work just as well.


Harper was very proud of her masterpiece.


They both wanted to keep making more and more stamps, but we ran out of time and tops.

I am still working on a couple of wholesale orders that are taking me FOREVER to finish. I have been having some motivation issues. I hope to have them done by next Tuesday so I have something to show you.


Stacy said...

What a great idea! That looks like a great way to have some family craft time.

It is hard to get motivated to sew, when you HAVE to. I have to make a baby blanket by Saturday and I've had the fabric for a few weeks. Yeah, motivation not great over here, either.

Joanna said...

That is a great idea for the kids! I would have never thought of doing something like that.

*Note to self*
Purchase foam next time at Michaels.


Cara said...

What a cute idea. It looks like they both had fun. I love doing crafts with kids. We have some difficulty right now because I have one that wants to do crafts and one that wants to "EAT" crafts (LOL)! I can not wait till that stage is over.

carrie said...

You. Rock.
Seriously the coolest "oh let's make a fun craft on a spur of the moment AND use stuff we just have lying around" craft that I've seen in a long time.

I didn't even get an excuse up for CT today. Trying to keep up...

Christina said...

cool and clever and green - I love it!

Jaimee said...

I'm with everyone else - you are so creative AND quick on your feet!!! What a fun idea!


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